Montauk Century .......June 16, 2012


 I think that picture pretty much says it all, yes?
For the first time in more than 12 years we'll end the ride at the spectacular Montauk Lighthouse.  A really special and beautiful place.  How long does it take to get to the lighthouse?  In our case, it took us about 12 years...
What does this mean for you?  Well, this wonderful, beautiful, fun ride is still wonderful, beautiful, and fun (or so I am told...).
Here's what's new:
    Spectacular views from this beautiful park.  If you're going to brag about pedaling all the way to Montauk, then THIS is the place.
The lighthouse is the eastern-most point in NY.  As our missing friend Paul Sullivan used to say, "If you're headed for the lighthouse and overshoot it the next stop is Ireland."  (OK, it's probably Portugal, but arguing with Paul was futile...)  
Along those lines there used to be a church on the route that had this sign out front: "Last Lutheran church for 3,028 Miles," or words to that effect... 
    Lots more room to relax after the ride.  
    Of course we'll still be there with all the amenities -- free showers, a free all-you-can-eat post-ride meal, and best of all, free Blue Point Brewery beer (provided you are 21 and and can prove it.)
    Now that we're headed to the lighthouse, each of our cycling routes just got about 4.6 miles longer compared to past years. (We might trim a few miles in the middle of the route  -- TBD.)  Don't think of it as extra work; think of it as extra fun that we're providing for free.  You're welcome!
[Insane route-distance trivia.  At present the routes are listed all over our web site as your choice of 30 miles/70 miles/100 miles/145 miles.  Until we decide if we're tweaking the route in the middle of the ride or not, we'll leave those numbers the way they are.  Once we know the final FINAL length we will probably go in to the web site, edit all of those numbers in the six hundred different places they appear, and then really confuse everyone!]
    If you are taking our transportation home we will still use trains, charter buses, and vans.  Which one will you be on?  It depends on what time you want to head home -- you choose your return trip when you get to the finish line (not in advance).
If you decide to take a charter bus or van, nothing has changed.  
If you are taking the train we will load your bike at the lighthouse and then put you on a school bus for a very short ride to the Montauk train station, where you board the train as usual.  
I wanted to mention this specifically because we will STILL use lovely air-conditioned charter buses with on-board bathrooms for the trips that go all the way home.  I don't want anyone to show up at the finish line, see a school bus, and think, "I'm riding THAT all the way home?"  Not to worry.
    If you are getting picked up at the finish line, please be aware that there is an $8 fee per car to enter the park.  No; we don't get any of that money.  
Of course you can always head to the finish line, enjoy the post-ride party, and then have your friends meet you outside the park to save the $8. This is fine with us, but please be aware that the area immediately outside the park will be fenced off by the authorities to avoid automobile U-turn madness.  If it were me I would just pay the $8 and know that the money is going to help keep a cool park open and running. 
We're really looking forward to a great ride, now ending in an even greater location.

Bike Boat Bike 2012

The Suffolk Bicycle Riders Association (SBRA) invites you to bicycle on Long Island’s East End. Tour through the woodlands, fields, and shoreline of the North and South Forks. Take the ferry to Shelter Island. Cycle through the scenic coves and byways of beautiful Shelter Island. Whether your preference is social, scenic viewing, or fast recreational cycling, we are sure you will enjoy the tour. Bike-Boat-Bike has flat to gently rolling routes, along with some hills on Shelter Island.

Well marked courses through the coastal roads of North Shore's Western Long Island. Food, water, and free bike inspections at the start. Four well stocked rest stops. Roving sag wagon. Raffle at the end of the ride.

Pre-registration starts at 7AM for walk-ons.  The fee is $35 before Junel 18, $40 after June 18.

Harry Tapen Beach
Shore Road, Glenwood Landing, N.Y.





2012 Gold Coast Tour


July 29, 2012


On Line Registration $25 for 12 mile tour, $30 for all other routes

On Site Registration on day of tour is $35

Gold Coast Tour Information

TOUR STARTS: All routes begin rain or shine on Sunday, July 29, 2012 at BAE Systems (formally Hazeltine Corporation) in Greenlawn. Five tours of different lengths are available and described below.

DIRECTIONS: By Car: Long Island Expressway to Northern State Parkway to Deer Park Ave. (Route 231) north. Bear left at the fork and continue for 3.5 miles. Turn right on Pulaski Road and proceed 1 mile to BAE Systems.

By LIRR: Take the LIRR, Pt. Jefferson branch, to the Huntington Station. Go east on Broadway to the end (.85 mile). Turn right on Park Ave. - go .45 mile to next light. Turn left onto Pulaski Rd. - go 1.2 miles to BAE Systems.


* Food and beverages will be available at all rest stops.
* SAG wagons will be provided on all routes.
* Routes will be clearly marked and cue sheets will be provided.

: ANSI or SNELL approved helmets are required. Cycling safety & strict adherence to all cycling rules of the road are imperative.

MINORS: Riders under age 18 must be accompanied on the ride by a parent or guardian.

Suggested Information START TIMES:

(Tour closes at 5:00 pm)

100 miles - 7:00 am
55 miles - 8:00 am
70 miles - 7:30 am
25 miles - 8:30 am
12 miles - 9:00 am

FEES: Pre Register Online: $25 for 12 mile tour, $30 for all others


For more Information: Email Us


Trial Tour Twelve
This pleasant flat route meanders through Greenlawn, East Northport and Elwood for 12.9 miles (We dare not say 13!). A ride leader will be available to guide those who are ready to start at 9:00 am. Novice cyclists will learn the rules of the road for group riding and the use of cue sheets and road markings to follow a tour route.

Scenic Harbors (25 miles)
Enjoy magnificent views of Huntington and Cold Spring Harbors as you ride along the coast and through beautiful residential communities.

Vintage Villages (55 miles)

You will also enjoy the harbors and hills. Then you pedal though a string of charming and historic villages - Laurel Hallow, Oyster Bay, Locust Valley, Roslyn, Old Westbury, Brookville and others.

Grand Tour (70 miles)
Harbors, hills, vintage villages, views of Oyster Bay Harbor and Mill Neck Bay and the affluent communities along the way, show you why Long Island 's north shore is called the "gold coast."

Century Challenge (100 miles)
Even experienced century riders find this one a challenge. Your tour includes all the beautiful sights of the other tours plus 30 more hilly miles!